I woke up, and I was not in her dreams
Is she awake or is she still asleep
I went out to the road we once walked hand in hand
Was I too hard on her, shd I come bak
She is not so close anymore I cant feel her touch
My heart is lonely, hers is beating alone
Looking everywhere around me and she is just not there
Why didn’t she dream of me tonight
Another guy? Other plans? Different dreams?
I just don’t get it, she said she will wait
She loved me I saw it in her eyes
The love may have faded away
Same as today a cold day
Her tears warmed her cheeks
I held her hand, touched her lips and told her
With all the honesty in the world that I love her
She was standing here
Leaning on that car
I can feel it inside, she is not mine
I stabbed my heart before her
I looked her in the eye, screamed and lied
I gave her my back, but I can tell she collapsed
I can tell she sat on this rain spot and cried
I can tell it wasn’t yesterday’s night

Thanks to @JasmineDice