All the dreams that we had are gone
You just left me here lying all alone
You took all my hopes and feelings away
You sucked my emotions in every possible way

I can’t believe i fell in love with a vampire
Who was for me the king of my empire
I humiliated myself for you to understand
That i wanted to stay with you till the end

But rejection was always the answer
You never wanted things to get brighter
You fell for the darkness inside your mind
Your eyes were folded, you became blind

And now after all that you’ve put me through
I will draw a smile on my face that i always drew
You took your decision but you made me stronger
I believed in you but my love will stay no longer

It will vanish with time and change my way of thinking
I will never regret it and will search for a new beginning
No matter what you did to me , i am thankful
The lesson you made me learn, was hell fruitful

I really don’t hate you for anything you said
I am so relaxed now and sitting in my bed
Writing this poem especially for you
To say goodbye and million Thank you!