I know friendship is rare to find…
But you… you are one of a kind
You listen to me whenever i am grumpy
Even if you’re bothered you seem happy
God gave u the talent to hide your feelings
But deep inside you have the deepest meanings
You love, you care, you feel, you are fragile
I apologize for calling you once a crocodile
You are my closest friend and i am your closest one
We will stick together no matter what is said or done
Today is your birthday, I’m writing this to let you know
My wishes have no limits… they will always flow
They will fly up to the sky where god will be listening
To my prayers for you to keep your life always shining
Shining like a star in the total darkness of the night
Like a candle on your birthday cake shining bright
I wish you a happy birthday from deep down my heart
And i hope we will be closer than ever and never apart.