In bed… thinking… thinking of what in particular? I don’t even know… my life in general is a whole mess that needs to be cleaned from all the imperfections that I injected into my damaged brain… I need to find a way… I need to find my way! I still have that little light that sparkles in my eyes wich i am sure will lead me to the right perspective that i should build… the right that seems right for me but wrong to others… it doesnt matter! at least it will be a right way for me to complete my journey! my journey which hopefully will end the way am expecting, leaving a bunch of inspiration for other generations to learn from and admire! I have a lot of dreams, some of them are achievable and some of them are just too high to reach, but with crafting my way up, i will hopefully touch success with my fingertips and then grab it with my both hands, cling to it and never let it go!

I will rise… I will fall… then I will rise again stronger than before until I come to an end!