To my beloved friend, CHANTALE… a belated birthday gift
Which cost nothing more than feelings that will make you drift
Drift into an ocean of friendship that has no boundaries
And make you fly up in the sky like butterflies and fairies

I guess it is the best time to tell you how much I care
I bet no one will ever do something like this or ever dare
To let the feelings flow even if it is for sake of a friendship
Who said you just have to write about love relationship
A friend is a precious gift wrapped with care and love
An unconditional gift sent to you from up above
To take care of it and never let it be forgotten
Fold it with your veins so that it wont be broken.

Lucky me I have this package incarnated in you
Whom i run to whenever I’m happy or blue
CHANTALE, this poem is especially made for you
Tailored carefully with the finest words and a bit of glue… 🙂 to keep me stuck with you till the end! 😛