Nine years ago, i met her in a class
Her eyes were green as the spring grass
I got used to her personality from the beginning
Her heart was innocent, she was just amazing
Her hair was blond, her skin was white
She lighted up the dark every single night
As time passed, we got used to eachother
We started to care for one another
She was always there when i needed backup
She always knew how to lift me back up
When she is down, i am the first one who knows
When she is happy, my smile for her flows
I guess no matter what life brings us in the future
I believe together we make an amazing mixture
Mixture of feelings, friendship, love and respect
She will always be the one that i will protect
I will take away all the imperfection she is going through
She will be my little girl no matter how much she grew
Today, it is her birthday, she will turn twenty six
I am writing for her this poem, these lyrics
To make her feel unique and special on her birthday
Though she knows well i make her feel so everyday
This is my endless story with you Jennifer Haddad
A story of Love that will make us feel glad!