I don’t know where to start…
Should I shut up or should I write?
Should I confess what I really feel?
Or should I just keep spinning the wheel?

Being loved, I used to enjoy it with ecstasy before
But now you both made it hard on me to ignore
How much I hated love and wish it never existed
The sweetness is gone and everything became salted

Caught between the two of you is nothing but pain for me
You both are promising the best love that I can ever see
I want to get out without hurting anyone and set myself free
I want to run away alone, be with myself  and my real self be

I miss putting my head on my pillow worrying about nothing
I miss my real bright smile and the ability to forget everything
I miss being free, visiting friends, sitting with my parents
I miss being the real me, but I lost all my abilities and talents

I hope someday I can just be tranquil and live day by day
I hope the happy me will be back soon and forever stay
I wish to live my life the way I want and learn how to easily let go
To successfully continue the journey I started twenty eight years ago…