It hurts
When you think you won’t ever be hurting anyone,
You unconsciously end up hurting your closest one
When you chose to give up on your feelings for someone,
Because you’re not selfish and you care about everyone

□ The Square □
The four of us, we’re searching for our big dreams
Dreams that might happen and dreams full of fears
We were like a square, holding on hand in hand
To fight the society and break the rules of this land

▲ The Triangle ▲
And then one night, a triangle began to take shape
A triangle that became an ugly weapon of rape
When I felt I was caught in the middle of the 2 corners
All I wanted to do is to vanish and cross the borders
But I cared about the corner that was squeezing me inside
I stopped everything, I let it go, I ran away just to hide

● 2 Corners ●
Two didn’t want the other two to know what has been done
Because they needed a little time for the feelings to be gone
But now it is too late to hide, everything became crystal clear
You discovered everything and it’s me who’s drowned  in fear
Afraid to destroy the bond that united the other three
I was so scared and I wanted everything drama free

□ The Square is back □
I was crying my eyes out while I drove all the way last night
Going for a mission to fix everything and shine a bright light
To bring back the steady square and its four corners
It won’t be a perfect shape if it break any of his borders