On Saturday 27th of August 2011, my friends and I agreed to dive into SKYBAR the so called most sophisticated club in Beirut Lebanon.
We didn’t reserve but we called asking if we can enter without a reservation and the respond was YES but we had to be there at 9:00 PM to be able to “walk in”. We went there at 9:45 PM gave the car to the VALET PARKING, and waited in a long line of superficial people waiting their turn to enter.
The stereotype of the people waiting is just so easy to describe, a muscle man with a cigar stick in his mouth accompanied with a skinny girl wearing a strapless black dress and high high heels! I guess we were the only group dressing simple!
Then after waiting in the line, we arrived to the bouncer and told him “Please 4 persons at the bar” he replied sorry guys no walk ins anymore! we’re full… so we took our way back and asked for the car, and while waiting for it, next to us there was a girl standing and she was about to burst in tears if they didn’t let her in, she kept standing there until she called someone to let her in!!! This was really funny!

Who is here to blame…? SKYBAR management for not having enough space for the people who want to party? well I guess the only one to blame is PEOPLE themselves who are just waiting in line to go SPEND their money and party after a hell of a working weekend!
Well i guess waiting there is more stressful than being stressed at work, waiting for your turn to enter like you’r waiting to get the visa or maybe like waiting to get some bread for your family like we used to do during the war! LOL

I am sure Lebanese people are just an outcome of WAR, they just need to go out and chill not knowing what tomorrow brings them… I think when the extended Skybar opens in Biel, it will be fine for everyone to go there and party with no begging to enter 😛