They call you friendly, quite and cute
I know you’re mean, selfish and careless
I hear your voice, I wish it could mute
They hear you talking, I become helpless

You keep wearing your mask in front of them all
And you were wearing one when I first met you
That is why I fell for your trap and gave you my all
Never thought that one day my heart you’ll chew

You crashed every part of me and you ate my brain
Still, patience is a virtue, that is what I learned
I waited for you to wear your mask again
Regret and sorrow, that was all I have earned

I should have know from the start that it wasn’t real
What I had with you which was more than painful
I should have let you know how and when to reveal
What I have seen through the years which was pretty awful

I will force myself to do whatever it takes
I want to get rid of my faults that are few!
Everyone learn from their own mistakes
And when it comes to me, I learn from you!