Yes… This is me! Standing here: Hopeless
No… That’s not me! Talking now: Unconsciousness
Maybe… That’s my voice! Reaching out: Limitless
Sure… This is the truth! Coming out: Faithfulness

There is nothing to say and nothing to do
I screwed up this time and i lost you two
Never knew how to make my own decisions
Never knew how to get rid of my hesitations

That is why today I am letting everything go
I am going to kill the ME and destroy my ego
Never lied, always been true  and will stay like this
Never changed, always the same and I won’t dismiss

This is an abstract summary of how do I feel
Either it is all in my head or it is something real
I will be standing again where i stood last time
To begin from scratch and fall for the same crime

Yes… These are my hands! Typing this: Meaningless
No… These are not my words! Blowing up: Loudness
Maybe… These are my thoughts! Screaming out: Shameless
Sure… These are my Confessions!  Admitting them: Profoundness