Maybe I’m tired of expressing
Maybe it is a little bit depressing

I always end up writing the same damn things
About me, about my fears, about my feelings

So I asked my friends for a new topic to write about
Someone just looked me in the eye and the subject came out

Why don’t you write about poems? she said to me
I accepted the challenge and I am writing about it as you can see

Poems are the only way to unleash my everyday stress
They can make me feel relaxed, different and out of mess

For some, they are just a bunch of stupid words that rhyme
For me, they are the honesty and the mystery at the same time

I can write whatever I want in a nice rhythmic way
People will read it and they will know what I had to say

I can share my imagination about every subject in my mind
I can write about almost everything, everyone and every kind

At the end, poems are not just letters assembled in lines
They are emotions, expressed with words full of signs