I woke up early this morning
Imagining my first night with you
I can still hear your voice moaning
I can still clearly picture the View

It all started on a very beautiful day
And it kept going until we fell into the night
When we decided to go on and play
I never felt so wrong, I never felt so right

And all of a sudden we  started undressing eachother
I was the black devil who took over the white angel
You cried in my arms like a child cries to his mother
You were sweet like candy, I was bitter like a pretzel

I felt your velvet skin next to my beating heart
I tasted your lips and wished they were my daily bread
Then I knew that we should never ever be apart
Together we light up a fire that will endlessly burn red

You whispered some words when I was inside of you
You kept saying them while were gently making love
This was enough for me to morph into someone new
You were truly a gift sent to me from up above

We were in the same bed all night long
A bed made of flowers, scents and water
Then you became my favorite love song
And with you I started my new chapter

The sun came up early and morning came too soon
Light came into my eyes after a full night of darkness
No one was there to watch us even the stars and the moon
My first night with you was a dream full of consciousness