Friends Forever! A very well known term, a feeling maybe, or maybe it is just words! Words that are carved on a key chain or maybe sued on a shirt or even a nice pendant for a nice necklace to keep forever and for always!
I used to believe in that so much and even believed in friendship between a guy and a girl at a time where these things were almost a taboo for parents and society!

But as I grew up, I found out that Friends are seasonal or maybe come with an expiry date, which means when you lose the daily contact with even your closest ones, you lose the ability to find subjects to talk about when you see them after a while and even you don’t feel as much excited as when you were a part of their routine! It is not like you don’t care about them nor you don’t trust them anymore but the fact is that you got used to others who are part of your daily life, whom you laugh with, eat with, talk with and even share secrets with.

So for me each part of our life, we will have a bunch of close friends whom after loosing excessive contact with them, we will still consider them as close friends but we do know and they do know that it is not the same as before! They keep caring about you and you keep doing the same until it fades away and they become a part of you vanished memories!

I do believe that everything has an end, and with every end starts a new beginning 🙂
I love my friends! <3