In twenty days I will turn twenty nine
I’m not feeling okay but i know I’ll be fine
Every year after my birthday, depression became my friend as I recall
I hate transitional phases even when the sun hides and the leaves fall

I should have worked harder to reach what I wanted to reach
I should have shared my problems and find a solution for each
I tried my best but couldn’t achieve what I wanted to achieve
I tried to escape from the sorrow and stick to what I believe

Now I’ll grow up and I’ll be more mature
I am certain that my dreams will endure
I will hit my targets and conquer my dreams
I definitely know that it’s not as easy as it seems

I am going to stick to my goals till the end
Even if I’ll be fifty, I will stir myself till I blend
To create something for this world to remember
That I made a difference and I’m not a pretender