I am not used to post about restaurants nor cafés, but tonight i decided that i want to share this post about Classic Burger Joint with the whole Lebanese blogsphere 🙂

As we all “burger addicts” know that at  CBJ, they are grilling turkey burgers from 19NOV till 27 NOV, so i decided to go tonight with my friends especially to taste it! We went there (Sodeco Branch) and as usual, there was no place! 🙂 You have to wait your turn, so you wait with a big smile on your face and a little drool all over your mouth.

In 2 minutes, we sat down and then the waiter (Roland) came across asking if we were ready to order! so I said turkey burger for sure! he smiled at me and said: “sorry sir we’re out of order” mmmmmmmm I wanted to make a big deal out of it because I came especially for it and wasn’t available!
Anyway we ordered one yummy classic cheese burger and 2 grilled chicken burgers, we demolished the meals till the last bite! We asked for the bill, we paid, and while I was saying thank you and leaving… The manager smiled at me and told me: “I am inviting you tomorrow… a turkey burger for u on the house!” I was like seriously… I smiled back and I said thank you…

And while coming back home i thought to myself that CBJ really cracked it not just with their Uber delicious burgers but also with their friendlies, customer satisfaction and reputation! 🙂 you never let your fans down! That is why we love you!