It’s been 2 months now since am living in Riyadh, and kind of learned what are the basic Do’s and Dont’s when living here!
Here you go keep in mind that list below is a personal perspective on how i see things and how i deal with them!

1- Don’t ever wear black shoes, chose grey or white instead because the black will end up grey because of the dusty wind.
2- If you are searching for an apartment to stay in, don’t ever wait for real estate office promises, keep searching because they wont fulfill what they promised and they won’t call you back.
3- If you read any real estate classified on the net and you called and no one answered, don’t bother trying again, they wont ever answer.
4- If you have a tattoo on your neck, hands, and it shows to the public, keep a scarf in your bag, you might need to hide it when the moutawe3 is in the place you’re in.
5- It is preferable not to walk and eat, stand up in one place and eat because if  the moutawe3 noticed this, he might start a conversation with you.
6- If you want to take a cab, try to specify the the amount before stepping into the car, they might argue with you about the money when you arrive .
7- If the weather is dusty, stay at home because you will end up sick, wait for the storm to end and then go wherever you want, and if you were obliged to go out then wear a respirator (found in pharmacies)
8- When crossing the street, make sure no cars are on the road because they might squash you, they never stop for no one.
9- Make sure you memorize the prayer times because all the shops and restaurants close during these times so you need to buy your stuff before and after it.
10-  Make sure you close every hole in the wall because dust will keep on getting into your apartment no matter what, so everyday cleaning is a must.