Today is your Birthday and I want to make it special somehow
I’m not next to you but I hope you are happy right now
When you read the words I wrote with a smile on my face
You will feel we’re close even if we’re not in the same place

I told you before that I will be forever be by your side
When you need an advice or you just want to hide
I helped you overcoming your fears when they tasted like bitter lime
But without your strength my help would have been a waste of time

I know you are strong, smart, stiff and brave
To climb a mountain and beat a tidal wave
You have a kind heart with a bit of stubbornness
But that what makes you lovable and full of sweetness

I want to wish you all the luck that I can ever wish
You are a person who I really respect and always cherish
You will one day be whatever you wish you want to be
And I will be supportive and you will always have me

You were there on my birthday to peek my happiness
I’m not there now but I’m sure this will give you cheerfulness
Enjoy each moment in your life, that was my first advice to you
Forget about sad moments, draw a smile like the one I always drew
To my younger brother that I never had
I always want you proud and never sad
If you like this poem I wrote, I will be more than glad
But hey, let me say something: after all it’s not that bad! 😛