Waiting… Trying… Feeling… Something… Anything… I’m sorry, I got Nothing…

Long time, it’s been a long time, I’ve been away
Nothing to write, I am shut, nothing to say
I didn’t express or shout out loud
I didn’t get hurt or feel happy inside

My feelings are stable, I feel the nothingness
But some of my friends are filling the emptiness
With laughs, smiles, virtual hugs and caring
With inspirations, secrets and problems sharing

My days are all the same, nothing special
My nights are sleepless and kind of artificial
I wake up everyday and fake the smile on my face
But wait… I wont accept it… I have dreams to chase

I might be going with the flow for a while right now
But soon it’ll be done and i’ll be taking a bow
When I’m done with all this mess, I will be rising high
I will fly with my wings and someday reach the sky

Waiting… Hoping… Wishing… Something… Anything… I’m Glad, I got Everything…