Stab us! Please we want to suffer once more
Cut us! We need to sense the pain in our core

We want to feel the knives snuggling under our skins
We want to absorb every drop of our filthy sins
We’re still not satisfied of what we experienced
We are a population that adore to be tortured
That is why we always vote for them again
That is why we’re always crying in the rain
Hoping for our souls to be safe and free
But will you get fruits out of a rotten tree?

I heard from my friends that our country is worth nothing
I blamed them for complaining, living and accepting
Accepting the fact that we are nothing but a troop of sheep
Who will be worrying about nothing but eat, drink and sleep
But deep down inside there is an unbearable ache
Which we cant stand, still a smile we try to fake

Our society is a selfish structure lead by politicians
Who only care for their pockets and own ambitions
Once we decide to unite and take the lead to cut them
That is when we will be proud of our national anthem