It’s been one year now since I left my country
I was reckless about it at first and didn’t care much
I packed and left and was ready for discovery
I promised everyone I love that I’ll stay in touch

The journey started and began to take shape
I met the loveliest people and the ugliest beasts
My career was on hold and I just wanted to escape
From the land that has no life even on its streets

I escaped and got my pack of memories in my pocket
It was a good experience but not what I’ve ever wanted
And now I’m somewhere else on this gigantic planet
Trying hard to make my life a little bit twisted

I really want to go back to where I was before
Lead a simple life and live with my family
But I have no choice now but to stay and explore
I hope i’ll get what I want and be happy constantly

That was what my dear Lebanon has to offer me
Friends, Family and Love but not a fruitful tree
I was drifted away like a scared sheep out of its troop
Now all I wish for is to get out of this never ending loop